Who is better messi or lewandowski?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it is subjective. Some people may prefer Messi because of his creative play style, while others may prefer Lewandowski because of his goalscoring ability. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

There is no definitive answer to this question since it is based on personal opinion. However, many people would argue that Lionel Messi is the better player because of his creative abilities and goalscoring record.

Which player is better than Messi?

Both Ronaldo and Messi are amazing footballers and have achieved so much at club level. It is amazing that they are the leading goal scorers in club football history, with Ronaldo just ahead of Messi. They have both had incredible careers and it is a testament to their talent and dedication that they have been so successful.

It’s no surprise that Robert Lewandowski tops the statistics when it comes to goals scored at both club and international level. The Polish forward has been in outstanding form over the past few years, bagging more hat-tricks, non-penalty goals and team trophies than any other player. Lewandowski’s consistency and ability to find the back of the net on a regular basis is what sets him apart from the rest, and it’s no wonder he’s considered one of the best strikers in the world today.

Who has more goals Messi or Lewandowski

Since arriving at Bayern Munich on a free transfer in 2014, Polish striker Robert Lewandowski has been one of the most prolific goalscorers in world football. In that time frame, he has scored an incredible 344 goals for the German giants in all competitions, only bettered by Barcelona legend Lionel Messi (329 goals) and Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappe (337 goals). Lewandowski is a truly world-class striker and, at 32 years of age, he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

It is interesting to see that although Ronaldo has slightly more goals than Lewandowski in continental competitions, both players have very similar goal totals. This shows that they are both very prolific scorers and that there is not much separating them in terms of ability. However, there is a significant gap between them and the next best player, Messi, who is over 100 goals behind. This highlights how far ahead of the rest of the pack these two players are.

Who is the No 1 player in the world?

1 Lionel Messi (PSG) is one of the best soccer players in the world. He is a great scorer and passer, and is very dangerous on the attack. He is also a very good defender, and is good at stealing the ball from opponents.

Pele is widely considered to be the greatest footballer of all time. He was a master of the beautiful game, with an incredible ability to score goals. In his 1,363 games, he scored an astonishing 1,279 goals, cementing his place as the king of football. Pele was a true pioneer of the game, and his legacy will live on forever.

Who is the best scorer player of all time?

Pelé is widely considered to be the greatest footballer of all time and his record of 1,279 career goals is often cited as the most by any player. However, there are other claims to the record and Brazilian striker Romário celebrated scoring what he claimed was his 1,000th goal in 2007. Romário later admitted his tally included friendly matches and he is reported to have scored 767 goals in total.

There is no doubt that Lionel Messi is the best men’s soccer player of all time. He has cemented his legacy with his World Cup win, but even before that, many already considered him the best. His skills and abilities are unparalleled, and he has proved time and time again that he is the best of the best. There is no one who can compare to him, and he is truly the greatest soccer player of all time.

Which player has the best goal

Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest goal scorer in the world with 822 offical goals. He is followed by the austrian Josef Bican with 805 official goals. Lionel Messi closes the podium with 797 goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and India’s Sunil Chhetri are the top three active international goal scorers in men’s football. Ronaldo and Messi are considered by many to be the two greatest players of their generation, and both have achieved remarkable success at the club level. Chhetri, meanwhile, is the all-time leading goalscorer for the Indian national team and is widely regarded as one of the best players in the country’s history. All three players have shown remarkable consistency in finding the back of the net at the international level, and they continue to set the standard for goal-scoring excellence.

Is Lewandowski the best striker in the world?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best, if not the best, strikers in the world. He scores goals in almost every game and is deserving of the accolades he receives. Messi and Ronaldo are both incredible players and it is hard to choose between them.

The Best FIFA Men’s Player is an association football award presented annually by the sport’s governing body, FIFA, since 2016, to honour the player deemed to have performed the best over the previous calendar year.

Robert Lewandowski has won the award twice, in 2020 and 2021.

Is Lewandowski one of the best of all time

Lewandowski is considered one of the best strikers of all time and one of the most successful players in Bundesliga history. He has scored over 500 senior career goals for club and country. He is a world-class finisher and his technique is superb. He is also excellent at positioning himself and finding space in the box.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been faster than Lionel Messi in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. This is an important argument in the debate over who is the better player. Messi is often considered the better player because of his superior dribbling skills. However, Ronaldo’s speed is a key asset that should not be overlooked.

Who is the faster Messi or Ronaldo?

Ronaldo is a very fast footballer, but Messi is faster and more agile than him. Messi’s body structure is what that helps him to change his pace so quickly and it helps him to change his direction of dribbling without having to bleed away momentum- unlike Ronaldo.

Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, Kylian Mbappe and Cristiano Ronaldo are all world-class footballers who have scored a remarkable number of goals throughout their careers.

Messi, who plays for Barcelona and Argentina, is the leading goalscorer in the history of both clubs. He has scored an incredible 804 goals in total.

Lewandowski, meanwhile, has scored an impressive 636 goals for both Barcelona and Poland. He is currently the second-highest scorer in the history of the Polish national team.

Mbappe, who plays for Paris Saint-Germain and France, has also scored a considerable number of goals. He has netted 272 times in total so far.

Ronaldo, who currently plays for Al Nassr and Portugal, is the leading scorer in the history of football. He has an incredible 819 goals to his name.

Final Words

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on individual preferences. Some people might say that Messi is the better player because of his creative genius and outstanding technical ability, while others might argue that Lewandowski is superior because of his outstanding goalscoring record and physical prowess. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide who they believe is the better player.

There is no clear answer to this question as it depends on individual preferences. Some people may prefer Messi because of his agility and speed, while others may prefer Lewandowski because of his power and shooting accuracy. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide who they think is the better player.

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