How does neymar feel about messi?

Neymar is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club FC Barcelona and the Brazil national team. He is widely considered to be one of the best players in the world.

Neymar began his career with Santos, where he helped lead the team to two successive Campeonato Paulista championships, a Copa do Brasil, and the 2011 Copa Libertadores, South America’s premier club tournament. Neymar was named the South American Footballer of the Year in 2011 and 2012, and he was voted into the FIFA World XI in 2015. In 2013, he moved to Barcelona for a transfer fee of £48.6 million, making him the third most expensive footballer in history.

With Barcelona, Neymar has won two FIFA Club World Cups, two La Liga titles, a Copa del Rey, and a UEFA Champions League title. He was a member of Brazil’s Olympic gold medal-winning team at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Neymar is known for his dribbling, finishing, and ability to create plays. His skills have drawn comparisons to Pelé, and he has been described as the “hope of Brazilian football”. He has a record number of goals and assists for Barcelona

Neymar has said that he idolized Messi when he was growing up, and that it is a dream come true to play alongside him at Barcelona.

What does Neymar say about Messi?

Messi is truly a champion of the world. His dream of becoming a world champion with Argentina has come true. He is going to enjoy every second of it.

It’s great to see Neymar and Messi back together again at PSG. They had such a great understanding on the pitch at Barcelona and it’s a shame they didn’t get to play together for longer. Neymar is a special player and it’s great to see him back at his best. I’m sure they’ll enjoy many more great moments together.

What Neymar said about Messi and Ronaldo

Neymar is one of the best footballers in the world and he is lucky to have played with Messi, who is his idol. Messi is one of the greatest footballers of all time and Neymar has learnt a lot from him. Neymar is looking forward to facing Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the future, and he is confident that he can beat them both.

It’s great to see Neymar congratulating Messi on winning the World Cup! They’re both amazing players and it’s great to see them showing respect for each other.

Who is the idol of Messi?

Happy birthday to Pablo Aimar, Leo Messi’s idol! Pablo Aimar is a retired Argentine footballer who played as an attacking midfielder. He was one of the most creative and skillful players of his generation, and was nicknamed “El Payaso” (“The Clown”) because of his happy-go-lucky and fun-loving personality off the pitch. Messi has cited Aimar as his biggest idol and inspiration, and has even called him the best player he’s ever seen.

It’s great to see Neymar and Mbappe back on good terms! They are two of the best players in the world and it’s always fun to watch them play together.

Who is Messi best friend?

We are so excited that Messi and Suarez are celebrating Christmas together! They are both such amazing players and we know that they will have a blast! We hope that they have a wonderful time together and we can’t wait to see what they do next!

It is reported that the start of the disagreement between Neymar and Mbappe occurred during the summer, when PSG were considering the transfer of the Brazilian. Neymar allegedly believes that Mbappe was trying to force him out of the club, which caused tension between the two players.

Does Messi want Neymar to leave PSG

From what I can gather, it seems like there is a lot of back-and-forth going on with regards to Neymar’s potential departure from PSG. Leo Messi is reportedly wanting him to stay, but Neymar himself is apparently fed up with the club and is eager to get out of there. Unfortunately, it sounds like his exit could be complicated due to the large amount of money that PSG apparently owes him.

Neymar is one of the best soccer players in the world and it’s no surprise that he looks up to fellow legends like Ronaldinho and Robinho. Messi is also one of the best players in the world and it’s great to see Neymar admiring him.

Did Pele say that Neymar is better than Messi?

Neymar is only 20 years old, but he is already being compared to some of the greatest footballers of all time. Pele, who is considered one of the greatest players of all time, says that Neymar is already a better player than Messi. Neymar is a star in his own right, and it will be exciting to see how his career progresses.

Kylian Mbappe has been an admirer of Ronaldo since childhood. He once shared a photo of the walls of his room decorated with pictures of the former Juventus forward. Mbappe has said that Ronaldo is his “idol” and that he hopes to one day play with him.

Can Neymar be better than Messi

There’s no doubt that Messi is the better player, but Neymar does come close. Messi is 35 this year and Neymar is 30, so Messi is in the twilight of his career while Neymar is in his prime. Neymar doesn’t quite have the same skillset as Messi, but he’s an amazing player in his own right.

Barcelona stars Luis Suarez and Neymar both attended the wedding of teammate Messi to his childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo. It was a beautiful event and it was great to see the three of them together, looking so happy.

Is Messi and Mbappe friends?

Messi was speaking after PSG’s victory over Barcelona in the Champions League on Tuesday, a game in which Mbappe starred with two goals.

The French forward was criticised for his decision to go down in the penalty area to win a penalty in the final minutes, which Messi converted to give PSG a 5-1 win on the night and a 6-5 aggregate victory.

Mbappe was also criticised for his decision to not pass to Messi in the closing stages of the World Cup final, which saw France win 4-2.

But Messi insisted there is no problem between the two players, saying they have spoken about the final and that he has a good relationship with Mbappe.

“Kylian is a great player and he showed that again today,” Messi said.

“We have spoken about the World Cup final, there is no problem. We have a good relationship and I wish him all the best.”

Although they are eternal rivals on the football pitch, it’s clear that Lionel Messi has a great deal of admiration for Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo. In a recent interview, Messi confessed that Ronaldo is the player he admires the most in football. He praised Ronaldo’s incredible work ethic, drive and determination to be the best. It’s clear that Messi has a great deal of respect for his rival and it’s fantastic to see that they can still have a friendly rivalry off the pitch.


In an interview, Neymar said that Messi is the best player in the world and that it is an honor to play with him.

Neymar likely feels a great deal of respect and admiration for Messi, given that Messi is widely considered to be one of the greatest soccer players of all time. There may also be a sense of friendly competition between the two, as they are both amazing soccer players who compete for the same team.

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